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Alya's New Home

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Exciting times this month for one of JSP’s youngest clients as she was tasked with the very important job of making the first “hole in the wall” to kick off the long-awaited adaptation works to the family’s new property.

Alya who has cerebral palsy will live in the fabulous new property with her mum and her new baby sister who is due to arrive in January.

It has taken 2 years to find the perfect property and make the extensive arrangements for the adaptations which Alya and her family will need but we’re sure it will be worth the wait. Alya’s Case Manager Becky tells us “Alya has already made so much progress from having problems with walking and balance she is now running up and down the stairs” Becky tells us she is also improving so much with making her needs known and uses a communication device when she needs some help with this.

Alya with now have the space she needs to fulfil her potential with a therapy room and a good-sized garden providing the space for the wide range of play activities which help Alya keep improving her coordination. There is even space for overnight support if needed giving the family great flexibility for the future.

JSP wish Alya and her family a very happy future in their new home.

"Alya will now have the space she needs to fulfil her potential"

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