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Occupational Therapy
at JSP

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Our Occupational Therapists provide rehabilitation to individuals with a range of health-related conditions, including those with a brain injury, spinal injury and orthopaedic injuries

 We provide a range of assessments and bespoke occupational therapy programmes, short or long-term, using client-centred goals and evidence-based practice, while reviewing progress using standardised outcome measures. Our team works to facilitate independence and participation, either through therapeutic interventions or specialist equipment and housing adaptations:


At JSP, we are extremely proud to employ both contracted and associate Case Managers and Occupational Therapists, we believe that, regardless of how a staff member is paid, their approach, dedication and commitment and operational governance and support should remain as important for both roles.


We are always looking for new Case Manager and OT Associates to join our expanding team, for further information, please contact

What we do

What we do..



Our Occupational Therapists provide rehabilitation to individuals with a range of health-related conditions, including those with a brain injury, spinal injury and orthopaedic injuries. They use their skills to carry out a thorough assessment of the impact a clients’ impairments are having upon function and the effect this is having upon their level of independence and quality of life. Cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs are considered.

The Occupational Therapist will work with the individual and their support network to devise a rehabilitation programme, identifying clear rehabilitation goals, following a client centred approach. All areas of an individual’s life will be considered and rehabilitation will be carried out alongside any other professionals involved, to ensure a holistic approach is followed. This often involves providing training and education to families and support teams.

Wheelchair Access

Equipment and Adaptations

The main aim of equipment and adaptations is to make changes that will optimise independence and promote safety for the individual within their home environment.

An assessment of individual needs is completed in order to identify the client’s current environment, function and needs in order to formulate individual goals. The occupational therapist will work closely with the client to ensure that their goals and routines are considered enabling the individual to participate as much as possible in the process and identifying the tasks that are important to them.

Once a thorough assessment has been completed the therapist will use their expertise in order to compile recommendations and develop a plan of intervention. Identifying the right equipment can make a real difference to a client’s motivation, involvement with activities of daily living and facilitate rehabilitation programmes.

Team Meeting

Moving and Handling

We provide a bespoke moving and handling training service, developed in line with the client and family’s  goals and support worker needs. This includes comprehensive risk assessment of the current environment and equipment used, to ensure that manual handling tasks are completed efficiently and safely.


Training is completed in line with current legislations and continuing best practice to ensure we are providing up to date guidance, including manual handling plans, to advise support workers with the use of equipment and the safest way to support with movement and handling tasks.


Leanne Stache
Senior Occupational Therapist - Rehabilitation

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Helen Graham
Senior Occupational Therapist - Equipment & Adaptions and Moving & Handling Trainer


Debra Gardner
Occupational Therapist - Rehabilitation

Our Team

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OT Administrator

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Occupational Therapist - Rehabilitation

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Occupational Therapist -
Equipment & Adaptations

Occupational Therapy Team
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